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Becoming a Citizen

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Citizenship Corners

Citizenship Corners is a dedicated space at the Edmond and Southern Oaks libraries that provides materials and informational resources on citizenship, the naturalization process and other immigration-related topics. In addition to the physical materials available, check out the helpful digital resources below.

These libraries also host 15 week Citizenship Classes which help participants prepare for the Naturalization Test and interview. The course introduces students to historical and cultural information used on the Naturalization Test and explores the steps of the naturalization process. Registration is required.


Helpful Websites


Thank you so much for offering this course. Been needing to do this for many years.

   Jevon ,       Monday, January 30, 2017,      ,    

thank you for setting this up

   Jevon ,       Monday, January 30, 2017,      ,    

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