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The 12 Days of Books

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A friend’s informal survey showed that most people think it’s acceptable to start Christmas music right after Thanksgiving. Who’s ready for an earworm??

Ok -- let’s go!


On the twelfth day of Christmas my library loaned me….


12 yummy cookies

The lies are already beginning. Over 100 recipes here, and so many lavish photos! You can’t go wrong with a big ol’ pile of cookies.

11 awesome places

This book actually contains over 600 awesome places, including the Museum of Osteology in OKC, which I can confirm is delightful and well worth a visit.

10 guests a-snarking

Everything you need for a party: recipes, décor, party games, invitations, awards, etc. If you crochet the Reindeer Beer Bottle Cozies, make an extra one for me. I promise to enjoy it sincerely and not ironically.

9 ladies winning

Well-behaved women seldom make history, but we seldom get to hear about women who aren’t well-behaved. This inspiring, wonderful book fixes that with gorgeously illustrated stories of 100 badly-behaved heroines from history, literature, and myth.

8 maids a-braiding

The founders of the wildly successful Keash Braids of London teach you 30 braids to play with! Models are of many different genders and ethnicities, so there is a braid for you in this book.

7 pounds I’m gaining

Cookies stuffed with peppermint bark! Peppermint bark dip! Triple choco-mint-tini! Yes please! Minty caramel raisin sea salt bark? Baco-mint bark? Maybe! I’ll eat anything! Bring it on!

6 creepy pictures

More like 75 creepy pictures, inspired by Brothers Grimm fairy tales. Each 2-page spread has a paragraph of fairy tale illustrated by a full-page photo of a haunting, fanciful sculpture. The end of the book has summaries of all the tales, which is helpful. I never even heard of “The Little Shroud” or “The Lettuce Donkey”.


I never even thought of getting a snake, but these are adorable and I need one. Corn snakes are constrictors, too, so you know they’re cuddly and affectionate.

Four tricky shapes

There are actually five shapes, but you can’t tell me the line is “tricky”. If you like to have your pre-frontal cortex stimulated, check out this wonderfully entertaining graphic novel about the origin of Tetris and the history of human gaming from cave-painting depictions to modern times.

Three news cats

It’s a cartoon book about cats as newscasters reporting on things that happen around the house! Trust me, you need it.

Two turtle hats

I lied yet again. There is only one hat! There are two turtles and one hat, and both turtles want the hat. But only one hat for two turtles is really not enough hats. What will happen? Cute book alert!

And an imaginary boyfriend for meeeeee!!!

He’s smart, kind, funny, handsome, and even a snappy dresser. Of course I’m talking about Neil deGrasse Tyson, who has blessed us with a book containing “Everything you ever need to know about space travel, sci-fi, the human race, the universe, and beyond.” There are lots of pictures, lots of short little sections, and it’s written in an easy, conversational style; the way I imagine him speaking to me over brunch. Sprinkled throughout the science are more personal notes, such as “What are Neil’s favorite mixed drinks?” Turns out we both like foofy umbrella drinks, so I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious!

Happy Christmas, if you celebrate it. If not, happy December! Thanks for a great year of library fun. Meet me here again in January when I return with more neat stuff for you.

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