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5 Reasons to Try Speakaboos this Summer

Reasons to Try Speakaboos

My two-year-old twins have fallen in love with the Speakaboos app over the past few months. We've added these stories to our regular reading routine because of the three fun ways to interact with the app:



Read to Me - stories read by a narrator

Read it Myself - child or parent can read the story

Read & Play - stories with an interactive element

Not sure if Speakaboos is for you? Here are my top five reasons to give it a try with your young reader:

1. Take a trip to the library without the trip!

Looking for a great story before bedtime but you've read everything in the house? Give Speakaboos interactive storybooks a try and save yourself a car ride!

2. Share screen time

Sharing literacy-based screen time with your children is a healthy way to make learning fun!

3. Build your child’s vocabulary

Speakaboos is a fun way to discover new words. When you come to a new word you can point to the word on the screen, spell the word with your child, and talk about the meaning.

4. Score minutes for the summer reading program

Since you'll be reading together, be sure to count those minutes.

5. Learn something new

There are lots of non-fiction Speakaboos storybooks that are packed with just enough information to keep your young reader engaged.

Want to create a Speakaboos account? Get started by clicking HERE!

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