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Drink to Good Health!


Warmer weather is coming to Oklahoma. What better way to do cool down than to get some tasty drinks for you and your family! Below are some of the yummy recipes to try out.




Green Smoothies & Protein Drink by Jason Manheim

The green smoothie is hands down the best supplement to any diet. With at least one green smoothie a day, your body will not only receive an extra boost of nutrients, but will eventually crave these healthier foods naturally. Slowly but surely, unhealthy foods will be replaced by healthier counterparts, and your overall diet and well-being will benefit from the change. With fifty delicious and nutritious healthy green smoothie recipes, advice and information on digestion, food combining, detoxing, fighting disease, weight loss, and diet, this guide really packs a punch.

Juicing Smoothies & Blended Drinks: Fresh and Flamboyant Drinks to Quench Your Thirst by Suzannah Olivier

This fantastic book includes a superb collection of 160 recipes, from healthy fruit and vegetable juices to creamy, indulgent smoothies and delicious boozy blends for grown-up parties. It features a full-colour visual guide to fruits, vegetables and other ingredients that can be juiced, and explains those that provide the most nutrients. The recipes range from wonderfully healthy drinks, such as Garden Mint Milkshake, and Strawberry and Apple Slush that are perfect to start the day, to naughty-but-nice blends such as Kiwi and Stem Ginger Spritzer or Rhubarb and Allspice Cream. For special occasions treat yourself to a dessert drink like Blueberry Meringue Crumble or get your party off to a good start with a zesty Lime Mojito.

Clean Green Drinks: 100+ Cleansing Recipes to Renew & Restore Your Body and Mind by Candice Kumai

Clean Green Drinks is not just a recipe collection, but also a guide to a leaner, happier, and more fulfilled you. With more than 100 perfectly balanced, delicious drink recipes that can be made in a minute, Clean Green Drinks will help you sip away extra pounds as you sip away stress. Health journalist and chef Candice Kumai reveals the new science behind her enticing, refreshing flavors; and shows how easy it is to get fit, healthy, happy, and glowing.

Best 100 Juices for Kids: Totally Yummy, Awesomely Healthy, & Naturally Sweetened Homemade Alternatives to Soda Pop, Sports Drinks, & Expensive Bottled Juices by Jessica Fisher

With 100 imaginative, healthy and great-tasting recipes for using your at-home juice machine, Jessica Fisher's Best 100 Juices for Kids brings the juicing revolution home for everyone in the family. Jessica Fisher’s creative and tasty approach to juicing includes terrific, kid-friendly alternatives to juices loaded with additives and sugar without the expense of natural store-bought varieties. With ideas for both fruit- and vegetable-based juices, as well as Jessica's expert advice on how to include more of both in nutrient-adverse kids' diets in a way that children will actually enjoy, this cookbook offers a new take on a popular topic that gets everyone drinking more healthfully.

201 Healthy Smoothies and Juices for Kids Fresh: Wholesome No-Sugar-Added Drinks Yours Child Will Love (EBook) by Amy Roskelley

Quenching your kids' thirst in a healthy way is easier than ever! Now you can whip up these delicious and nutritious smoothies and juices—and your kids will be begging for more! Let them drink up—what they don't know about all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients they're getting won't hurt them. In 201 Healthy Smoothies and Juices for Kids, you'll find all the essential recipes you need to replace boring, sugary, one-fruit bottled juice with satisfying, nourishing combinations.

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