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Gilmore Girls Countdown: Lane

Lane's coffee mug

The Tumultuous Life of Lane Kim: tales of an overbearing mother, an unseen father, and the boys in the band. Since her days as a Stars Hollow marching band geek, Lane always wanted more out of life than to just be set up with a boy from her mother's church. While Lane's mom had her radio tuned in to religious stations, Lane was always marching (and rocking) to the beat of her own drum. Now, all grown up and the mother of twins, I'm sure Lane still likes to rock out every now and then. When she's not chasing the twins around the house or dreaming of the days with her old band, Lane Kim will need some good books and music and I have a few suggestions for her.


The everything guide to raising adolescent boys: reassuring advice to help you and your son navigate these turbulent years by Robin Elise Weiss

After having twin boys with Zack in the last season of the show, Lane could definitely use this book.


Difficult mothers: understanding and overcoming their power by T. E Apter

Lane's relationship with her mother has been tumultuous. She led a double life for years, hiding CDs, band posters, and clothing from her mother. While most of their issues were eventually resolved, I'm sure Lane could still use some help dealing with her mother.


What Are You Doing Here? A black woman's life and liberation in heavy metal By Laina Dawes

Lane loves music and who better to read about than other women in rock bands? Written by a woman named Laina, no less!


Katy Perry : the movie : part of me

As a musician who was raised in a strict religious home, I think Lane would identify with Katy Perry even if the pop princess isn't a Ramone.


Frank Sinatra: The Best of the Capitol Years

Sinatra, like Lane Kim, is timeless.


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