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Introducing Speakaboos – the Love to Read App


Introducing Speakaboos - brought to you by the mind behind many of PBS’s early childhood series and geared toward children ages 2 – 6. Speakaboos is an early literacy product designed to introduce children to the joy of reading through interactive and engaging stories featuring characters they love. Parents and caregivers looking to supplement storytimes and provide healthy screentime will appreciate the multiple options to read.



We have 3 ways to enjoy books from Speakaboos:
  • Read to Me - stories read by a narrator
  • Read it Myself - child or parent can read the story
  • Read & Play - stories with an interactive element
Worried about Screen time?

Here are five myths addressed by our friends at Speakaboos:

  1. All screen time is created equal: Not so! It can be overwhelming to find educational apps when searching online. Consult online reviews and Common Sense Media and talk to friends and teachers.
  2. All screen time is bad for the growing brain: Studies show that limited use of quality, interactive educational apps on touchscreen devices for children 3 and older can engage them in ways that can boost and accelerate their learning.
  3. Kids learn more from hardback books than from e-books: E-books are a great, portable, interactive way to get kids reading and loving it. It’s the content children care about; not how it’s delivered.
  4. Screen time rules are different for parents: If we spend the weekend binge-watching Netflix, or only half-way listen to our child read a favorite book aloud because we’re checking our emails, we’re modeling habits we’d never want our children to develop.
  5. Screen time limits a child’s attention to the world beyond the screen: There are many digital programs, apps, and children’s television programming that encourage children to focus on the world beyond the screen and engage in exploration offline.

If you're looking for some good screen time for your little one, one of the interactive stories on Speakaboos is a great place to start!


Speakaboos App
  • Click Create Account to Use Speakaboos App
    *You may need to sign in with your Library Card and Last Name to gain access to the page.
  • Download the Speakaboos app from the App Store/Play Store
  • Sign in with your Speakaboos username and password
  • Browse the story collection
  • Select a story and begin reading

Speakaboos Online
  • Click Visit Speakaboos Online
    *You may need to sign in with your Library Card and Last Name to gain access to the page.
  • Browse the story collection
  • Select a story and begin reading


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