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I am proud to announce that scarf weather is here friends!  I’ve been in the mood for knitting for about a month since I’ve been binge watching episodes of Gilmore Girls in preparation of the new mini-season coming out on Netflix this November. Can we just take a moment to appreciate all the wonderful knit-wear in that show? I am a huge lover of accessories – to wear and make! Accessories are perfect for me because I get a lot more satisfaction from knits I can finish quickly and I love that I don’t have to be as careful about sizing.

The beautiful cool weather we’ve been experiencing has me in full knit planning mode looking up new patterns and going through my yarn stash to see what my cool weather accessories will look like this year. Here are a few of the books I’ve been combing through:


Cozy Stash-Busting Knits: 22 Patterns for Hats, Scarves, Cowls & More by Jen Lucas

The patterns in this book are lovely and simplistic; many of them have a timeless design and lend themselves to many different types of yarn. I’m especially drawn to the web edged “Grivola” Shawl on page 76 and the bulky, lattice worked “Filigree” ear warmer on page 70. Custom knits accessories: unleash your inner designer with improvisational techniques for hats, scarves, gloves, socks, and more. 

Custom Knits Accessories by Wendy Bernard

I really like how this book is laid out to teach you about using different design techniques to make something your own. There’s a chapter dedicated to making substitutions and every pattern has a “make it your own” option for improvising something more to your style. My favorites are the bulky slouchy hat called the “Cheshire Cap” on Page 39, the vintage inspired “Modern Turban” on page 46, and the cozy looking bulky scarf that uses a smocking stitch called “Smocked” on page 92.

Stylish Knit Scarves & Hats with Mademoiselle Sophie: 23 Beautiful Patterns with Child Sizes Too by Mademoiselle Sophie

These knits are très chic! Most of the patterns include options for child sizes as well making it a versatile pattern collection. The patterns in this book would be excellent for beginners hoping to branch out. I love every single pattern in this book, which doesn’t happen very often. The simple “Trendy Shawlette” on page 22 is definitely something I’ll be knitting up this year. It just looks so cozy! I also love the adorable “Knotted Scarf” on page 48.

Arm Knitting by Amanda Bassetti

If you like big chunky yarn and fast, easy, projects this book is for you! Arm knitting is so much fun and provides stylish pieces in minutes! Each project in this book has the time it will take to make it listed and most of them take under an hour. There are many tips for arm knitting techniques and information about the best yarns to use. The “Mega Infinity Scarf” on page 82 is making my giant knitted cowl dreams come true! Also, If you’ve seen the video floating around facebook of the blanket made from arm knitting wool roving, there are instructions for one on page 118.

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