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Card Types

Primary Card

This all-access pass is for people who live in or own property in Oklahoma City or Oklahoma County. Persons 17 and older who meet eligibilty requirements may apply for a card while persons under 17 will need the signature of a parent or guardian. Certain others may qualify for this card so if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Reciprocal Card

Twice as nice. The Metropolitan Library System (MLS) maintains a reciprocal service agreement with the Pioneer Library System, headquartered in Norman, Oklahoma. Those who live, work, or attend school in Cleveland, McClain or Pottawatomie counties; also, Blanchard school district students living in Grady County may apply for a card which offers access to most MLS services. Primary Card holders may do the same at any Pioneer Library.



ONEcard is a partnership between the Metropolitan Library System and area schools. Students enrolled in a ONEcard account are able to use their student IDs to access Metro Library resources. Students are automatically enrolled in ONEcard when they are registered to attend school, unless their parent or guardian has opted them out. ONEcard is a fine-exempt account type, though students are responsible for lost or damaged materials. Lean more about ONEcard.


School Card

Students and teachers who do not qualify for primary or reciprocal service may be eligible for service if their school is in Oklahoma City or Oklahoma County. School Cards are valid for one year and eligibility must be verified annually. School card service includes all MLS services except interlibrary loan. Students must present proof of current enrollment and teachers must submit a Teacher Verification Form.


Annual Fee Card

Live outside our service area? You can obtain an Annual Fee Card for $40 per year - about the price of a hardback bestseller and a venti mocha. Even better, each member of your household can be issued their own card for this price of $40. Using our library value calculator, you can quickly see just what a bargain $40 is for your entire household.


Cash Deposit Card

If you don't meet the requirements for a Primary, Reciprocal or School Card, an individual may borrow items by making a cash deposit equal to the price of each item plus a $10 processing fee. Checks are not acceptable. The full cash deposit plus the $10 processing fee minus any fines incurred is refunded when the items are returned. Cash deposit service does not include interlibrary loan.


Guest Pass

If you're a visitor to our system and are simply wanting to use a public computer, you can request a Guest Pass which will provide access to the Internet, access to productivity software such as Microsoft Word, and access to our databases.

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