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We grow smarter communities, one person at a time.


To be the community’s hub for critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and life-long enrichment.

20-Year Goal

By 2035, every person in the community will use a library service.


Core Values
  • Library Members First
    Every person in the Community is a member of the Library, and we are committed to their success and to providing them the highest quality service.
  • Integrity and Trust in Us and by Us
    Public confidence can only be achieved when we demonstrate honesty, accountability, and stewardship of the community resources committed to us, including people, time, assets, and funds. In addition, we can only be trusted when we trust our members, colleagues, and partners.
  • Respect for Members and Each Other
    We treat the questions, ideas, and contributions of each of our members, colleagues, and partners with the highest level of respect.
  • Freedom to Learn
    We treasure and protect each member’s freedom to read, view, and learn in order to achieve his/her highest potential.
  • Commitment to Learning as Enjoyment
    We believe that learning can be deepest and most effective when it is enjoyed, and we are dedicated to providing enjoyable opportunities while delivering on the Mission.
  • Individual Growth and Organizational Development
    We commit to expanding our individual professional knowledge and skills, to benefit the Library and its members.

Deliver Results that Matter
Learn Smarter - Prepare youth for learning
  1. Rollout  ONEcard across all Oklahoma County  schools.
  2. Create system-wide early literacy program for children ages birth – 3, and their caregivers.
  3. Create system-wide homework help service for students.
Work Smarter  - Connect the Library to businesses
  1. Create an employee account program for Oklahoma County employers.
  2. Develop a system-wide workforce development program tailored to build members’ skills and make them more employable/promotable.
  3. Develop a system-wide program that prepares and enables entrepreneurs to launch new small businesses.
Live Smarter - Improve quality of life
  1. Simplify the processes necessary to create a Library account, so that 85% of members can attain an account 24x7x365 without needing to visit a library.
  2. Enhance public technology to reduce our members’ wait-time for applications, devices, and access to an acceptable period.
  3. Develop a system-wide program that enhances our members’ knowledge and enjoyment of locally relevant content, services, and experiences.
  4. Develop a system-wide program that focuses on bringing the collection to life through presentations, discussions, and interactive events.






Relationship Growth Cycle
Spark Interest
  • Engage new members
  • Increase recognition of the value of active membership
  • Renew relationships
Build Engagement and Value
  • Expand access through innovative collections
  • Streamline and expand technology-enabled experiences
  • Deliver productive and enjoyable learning environments
  • Increase long-term loyalty through reading-based experiences
  • Expand community integration and partnerships
Hold Loyalty
  • Sustain engagement by rewarding loyalty and acknowledging commitment



Experiences and Environments
Collection Anywhere

Experiences and environments that focus on delivering information anywhere, anytime.

Large Digital Library serving all members and needs.  Small, but high-circulation collections onsite for adult members.  Ample youth collections supporting reading and school success.  Small but high activity teen collection that extends the concept of the narrative.  Locally created content in all formats.  Collection Anywhere Center housing collections of moderate use, system-last copies, and InterReach collections.  Expanded networks of libraries for retrieving anything for our members and delivering it fast.

  • Increase variety of titles
  • Increase locally created content
  • Increase member satisfaction with collection
  • Decrease wait time for titles
  • Decrease cost per use

Experiences and environments that use technology to enhance effectiveness and efficiency.

Increased investment in tech devices for in-library and lendable use.  More floor space for computer workstations.  Hands-on showroom for technology-enabled learning and play.  Technology to accelerate and simplify the experience and work of staff and our members: sorting systems, discovery systems, and automation and handling systems.  Open data repository to support community partners.  Gaming stations to extend the virtual narrative, and use of visualizations to activate data.

  • Increase use of library provided devices
  • Increase Wi-Fi usage
  • Increase attendance at technology-based programs
  • Increase virtual visits
  • Increase member satisfaction with technology
Playful Learning

Experiences and environments that engage members in play and focus on teaching and learning.

Open sightlines across the library.  Bright, inviting spaces with room to physically play and engage.  Intergenerational spaces for multi-dimensional learning.  Pop-up (point-of-need) educational and reading activities/programs.  Learning toys, games and activities available for in-library and home use. Spaces truly focused on the needs of our members.  Meeting, study, and multi-purpose spaces for hands-on learning.

  • Increase program attendance
  • Increase physical visits
  • Increase member satisfaction with programs
  • Increase meeting room use  
  • Decrease cost per program

Experiences and environments that reach into the community from the local library.

Staff resources targeted at enhancing community experiences. Partnerships that reach new audiences.  Pop-up “libraries” for external events and gatherings.  Library sponsored in-school, at-work, and on-the-move activities.  Literacy and homework help onsite and offsite.  Subject collections lent to classrooms/partners.  Embedded librarians in government agencies, local nonprofits, and other groups that share the Library’s mission and outcomes.

  • Increase visibility in community
  • Increase service locations
  • Increase visits into community
  • Strengthen partner relationships




Five key performance measures have been identified as critical to charting the progress to the 20-Year Goal of 100% of the community using a library service.  The three year targets (FY2016/17 – FY2018/19) are:

  • Increase market penetration 16 percentage points, from 24% to 40%
  • Increase member retention 23 index points, from from ratio of .47 to .70
  • Increase Net Promoter score – range TBD in FY2016-17
  • Increase destinational traffic – range TBD in FY2016-17
  • Increase use of youth services in areas of high risk – range TBD in FY2016-17
Annual Tactical Business Plans & Budget

Annual business plans, represented by the Library’s budget, will be approved to deliver the results described in this strategic plan.  Semi-annual reviews and updates of the business plans will be made to the Commission.



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