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Tuvan Throat Singers Return to Tour Metropolitan Libraries

Tuvan Throat Singers Return to Tour Metropolitan Libraries

Music translates no matter what language it’s in, and a concert by Huun Huur Tu is no exception to that. These Tuvan throat singers have traveled all over the world bringing the music of their small Russian republic to audiences everywhere.

“Oklahoma is a world away from Tuva. It’s remarkable that we can experience this unique art form here, in person,” said Lavetta Dent, Director of Outreach for the library system.  “Hearing their special overtone singing is something that everyone should experience in their lifetime.”

Throat singers use subtle manipulations of their vocal tract to create more than one pitch at the same time, amplifying different sounds to make harmonies. Throat singing mimics sounds in the natural world and is traditionally done outdoors. Until the 1980’s, Tuva was isolated from most of the outside world and throat singing was an undiscovered form of music.

The traditional folk music of the Tuvan village even made its mark on Hollywood. An episode of popular nerd comedy, The Big Bang Theory, has main character Sheldon practicing Tuvan throat singing.

Experience this music from another world at one of these dates and locations. Please register online or by contacting the library location in person or by calling in advance. These performances are extremely popular.


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