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Donate to the Oklahoma Collection

The Oklahoma Collection is housed in the Ronald J. Norick Downtown Library and contains books written about Oklahoma or written by Oklahomans. We also have a collection of photographs, maps and other primary research materials which bring Oklahoma history to life. But history is made every day and we need your help to make sure the collection continues to grow and be vibrant.


Donate Photographs

We collect photographs of Oklahoma County and its communities throughout the region’s history. We’re not just interested in photographs of buildings; we’re also looking for photos of significant events, interiors of hotels and businesses, and other facets of life in Oklahoma County. We can’t use purely personal photographs, but you may have more to share than you think. For example, we can’t use a portrait of your Aunt Helen; but if you have a picture of Aunt Helen in the waiting room at the Union Station, then we may be interested. We can’t use a picture of you blowing out candles at your fifth birthday party; but if it was held at Wedgwood amusement park, then we might have something. You and Elvis together, no thanks. Elvis on stage at the Civic Center or boarding a plane at Will Rogers Field, great!

We’re flexible. If you’d like to share your photos but still keep them in the family, we’ll be happy to professionally scan the photos, keep a copy, and return the originals to you. In addition, we can scan just about anything – slides, prints, and many sizes of negatives.


Donate Books

We already have a large collection of books on Oklahoma or by Oklahomans, but we’re always interested in adding more titles. If you have something to donate, we’ll be happy to look it over and see if it’s something we can use. One area of particular interest are diaries or journals of people who grew up in Oklahoma County as these give us glimpses into the everyday lives of our collective past. We’re also very interested in yearbooks and annuals from Oklahoma County schools and colleges.


Donate Audio

Do you have audio recordings of family members recounting their experiences of growing up in Oklahoma? If so, we’d like to have a copy for our collection. We can accept audiocassettes, compact discs or digital formats like mp3. Unfortunately, we cannot accept video tapes or films. 

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