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About Teen Tech Month

Teen Tech Month is all about DIY. Check in and find tons of cool stuff available at our libraries. You know we have books, but we also have great DVDs to watch and CDs of most of the Grammy artists to listen to. Have a blast at our video game tournaments, take a smartphone photography class, make robots and tech sculptures and movies, celebrate the cinematic release of Divergent with a faction tea party, plus lots more. There’s so much going on, and it’s all at your library in March!


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Do These Tech Things

  1. Download an ebook or audiobook from us
  2. Download our Freegal app to get 5 free MP3 songs a week!
  3. Visit your library's webpage.
  4. Blog about a library book or program.
  5. Try out a book-focused site like GoodReads, LibraryThing or Shelfari.
  6. Create a soundtrack or book trailer for your favorite book.
  7. Ask your librarian to recommend a nonfiction book on an area of technology that interests you.
  8. Add something to an article on Wikipedia.
  9. Set up a podcast for a group or club you belong to. (Click the link to check out YALSA’s podcasts!)
  10. Many young adult authors welcome email from their readers many have their own websites, blogs, and Twitter/Facebook accounts. Why not send them a message in honor of Teen Tech Week?
  11. Check out some DVDs and CDs from your library.
  12. Create an avatar on Yahoo! Avatars.
  13. Download the Zinio app to enjoy over 250 free magazines!
  14. Read and contribute to a blog about technology.
  15. Visit the Downloads & Streaming page to see what other tech jems the library has to offer!
  16. Create a YouTube or Animoto video about your library or a favorite book.
  17. Download a newspaper article from the day you were born from an electronic database.
  18. Volunteer to help clean the computers and media at your library.
  19. Volunteer to tutor library customers who are new to using computers.
  20. Learn how to DJ music or record music with a computer.
  21. Search in a biography database for an article about your favorite musician.
  22. Learn how to use some new software.
  23. Take a class on graphic design or digital photography.
  24. Create a database of something you want to organize.
  25. Start a Twitter, Tumblr, or Flickr account.



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