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Moon Rover STEM Challenge (Astronomy in April)

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Registration is closed because no more seats are available.
Allowed Ages: 12 to 18

Program Description

Event Description

Rovers are a kind of carlike spacecraft that NASA uses to explore the surfaces of other worlds! So far, rovers have gone to Mars and the Moon – and one day, they might go even farther. In this challenge, you will build your own rubber-band-powered rover that can scramble across the room.

Kits are one per FAMILY. Any duplicate registrations will be deleted. Kits can be picked up at Northwest Library from Wednesday, April 14th, through Saturday, April 17th, during curbside pickup hours. Registered customers must pick up kits by Saturday 4 PM or call the library at (405) 231-8650 to make alternate pick up arrangements as any remaining kits will be made available to waitlisted customers on Sunday.

All print outs and instructions will be posted here on Sunday, April 18th, so that families with siblings or others who may not have had the opportunity to register can reproduce the kit at home.