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Homework Help Resource Post #3: Math

Homework Help 3

Math can be one of the most difficult topics to work on with your student as your method of solving a problem may vary from the method they were taught in class. This is a good way to give your student access to credible resources for practice and help to ease some of those anxieties. If you enjoy this post, check out the related articles at the bottom of the page introducing other homework help resources.

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World Almanac for Kids

This resource covers basic math concepts and contains a math homework help section that includes facts about numbers, the metric system, geometry facts, measuring weight and volumes, cooking measurements, measuring length and speed, measuring area and converting Fahrenheit and Celsius. Students may also enjoy utilizing the math corner resources which includes fun facts, videos, games and puzzles as well as information on other key math concepts. This resource also contains teacher resources such as handouts.

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Learning Express Library

This resource has a school center section that includes math skills in a variety of areas and levels with practice test for students to use as study aides. This is a great way to get your student sharpening their math skills with instant results for them to learn and gauge their progress. This resource even includes math study aides for older students in more advanced math classes such as calculus, trigonometry and statistics.

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