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Volunteer at the Library

Volunteering at the Library

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at your library!  We appreciate you and value your time in supporting literacy, educational programs, and in providing cultural experiences.  As a volunteer, you can gain professional and personal skills, earn service hours, and help us fulfill our mission to grow smarter communities one person at a time. 


Volunteers can:


How to Volunteer:

  1. Choose how you’d like to help by finding a volunteer opportunity at your library or a convenient library outreach site.
  2. Click the Sign Up button and complete the volunteer application.  
    1. You will be asked for two character references with email addresses as part of the application.
    2. Ages 12 – 17 must have a signed Parental Permission Waiver.
    3. Ages 18 and over require permission for a background check.
  3. Once your opportunity is chosen and the application is completed, you will receive a confirmation email.  Library Staff will then contact you to set up an in-person interview.  Please bring your completed Parental Waiver with you to the interview.
  4. Library Staff will provide a schedule and on-site training as volunteering begins.
  5. Be sure to read through the Volunteer Handbook, and then check out our Frequently Asked Questions below for more information about volunteering.


What is the impact of volunteers?

Between July 1st, 2019 and June 30th, 2020:

  • Volunteers gave over 10,510 hours providing additional support for libraries, their programs and events,
  • Volunteers provided 442 hours of Homework Help at five of our library locations,
  • Rocket Readers and Reading Help for Kids' volunteers read over 200 hours either one on one or in small groups to strengthen literacy skills,
  • A total of 51 Therapy Dogs offered judgment free listening for children to build confidence in reading aloud, including virtual sessions during library closings,
  • During the summer of 2019, 223 teen volunteers helped 30,115 customers sign up for the Summer Reading Program,
  • While the libraries were closed due to COVID19, volunteers transcribed 126 recorded hours of oral history interview to add to the searchable database.


Frequently Asked Questions

Once you select your volunteer opportunity, you can expect to hear back from a library staff member within 72 hours to visit over the phone and schedule an in-person interview.

Yes, but we do not accept volunteers with offenses related to drugs, alcohol, weapons, violence, sexual assault, theft, fraud, or indecent exposure. Applicants 18 and older must also successfully pass a criminal background check. Your court-appointed liaison or probation officer will also be contacted in advance to determine if the library is a good fit for you. 

Yes! Click here to see the schedule for the next Booksale and sign up. 

Yes! You will sign in and out each time you volunteer, and you can log in at any time to see your total number of hours.

You can request a letter or email from your supervising librarian or from the Volunteer Services Office.

Usually 2 – 4 hours a week is our limit, except for special circumstances that are agreed upon in advance.

Library volunteers must be at least 12 years of age.

Please call your supervising library staff member at your location, and if that person is not available, leave a message with another staff member.

Business casual for adults. Clothing should be clean and without holes or tears. Good grooming and personal hygiene are required.

Teen volunteers may wear shorts in addition to the guidelines above, but they must be mid-thigh or longer and not athletic shorts.

All volunteers must wear either the volunteer lanyard or their name badge button when volunteering.

When you create your volunteer profile, you will choose a User ID and set a password. Each time you arrive to volunteer, you will log in to a library computer with your ID and password. When you are finished volunteering, you will log out.

Teen volunteers can gain job training and work experience, skills including self-motivation and initiative, and enjoy camaraderie with like-minded teens.

All volunteers will support and increase the Metropolitan Library System’s ability to provide services to our communities.

Please contact us. We can be reached by filling out this form or by phone at 405-606-3762.


Volunteer Spotlight

“Meeting new people and assisting them was probably my favorite part of it all! It was an amazing experience and I look forward to doing it again next year!" - Akshaya Muthusamy


"A year ago Chumlee and I made one of the best decisions - to help kids come out of their shells through the Children Reading to Dogs Program. It is a wonderful experience everyone should try!" - Jenniffer Vazquez