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Library Accounts

Getting Started

Are you ready to start using all the services that your library offers? Each year, our library locations host thousands of free events, classes, and programs to help you succeed. With a library card you can access everything we offer, including computers in our libraries, thousands of books, DVDs and CDs to borrow, and digital media to stream and download. Register for a library account to get started today.


What can you do with a Library Account Card?


Account Holder Information

  1. The account holder or guardian agrees to abide by Metropolitan Library System policies and accepts responsibility for fines or other charges resulting from the account’s use.
  2. The account is to be used only by the person(s) named on the account.
  3. The account is valid at all Metropolitan Library System libraries.
  4. Responsibility for the choice of materials borrowed rests with the person named on the account and not with the Metropolitan Library Commission, the library system, or its employees.
  5. Account holders who lose their library account card or change their address should notify the library system promptly.

For detailed policy information, please refer to Account Holder Responsibilities and Rules of Conduct.

Maximum Items Borrowed. For most accounts, a maximum of 100 physical items can be on loan at once; ONEcard account holders may have a maximum of 10 physical items on loan at once.

Loan Periods and Renewals. Library materials may be checked out for 3 weeks. Providing there is not a hold on the material, most physical materials will automatically renew up to 8 times.

Holds. Library customers may place up to 50 items on hold at a time. Limits may apply to certain materials. Service providers working in partnership with the library system to provide materials in electronic formats may set their own hold limits.

For detailed policy information, please refer to our Borrowing Policy.

Materials.  Most materials are fine free and do not accrue overdue fines. Lost or damaged materials will still incur charges. Technology (e.g., Hotspots, Chromebooks, iPads, laptops) and Experience Passes are not fine free and will still accrue fines.

Lost or Damaged Items and Materials. Once an item is 60 days overdue, the item is considered lost. The borrower who damages, loses, or does not return an item must pay the replacement cost as determined by the library system.

Lost or damaged electronic devices. Account holders will be charged overdue fines as detailed below, plus the replacement cost, for each damaged or lost electronic device (e.g., Hotspots, Chromebooks, iPads, laptops).

Loss of borrowing privileges. Accounts that have been billed a replacement cost (a “lost fee”) for an item will lose borrowing privileges until the item is paid for or returned.

Fine Collection. After reasonable notification, the library system may take legal steps to retrieve unreturned materials, and/or file felony or misdemeanor complaints.

Fee Structure

If you return select materials after their due date, fines accrue daily. Lost and damaged items will incur fines based on the type of material as outlined below.

  • Overdue Fines
    • iPads (MediaSurfer) - $5.00 per hour to a maximum of $60
    • Interlibrary loan items are $.50 per day up to the replacement cost of the item 
    • WiFi hotspots are $.50 per day to a maximum of $30
    • Chromebooks are $1 per day to a maximum of $30
    • Experience passes are $1 per day to a maximum of $30
  • Lost or Damaged Book, Magazine, or Electronic Device – List price at the time of purchase
  • Lost or Damaged Audiovisual Materials, including All or Part of a Set – Replacement cost if lost or damaged due to carelessness or neglect
  • Lost or Damaged Audiovisual Materials, Liner Notes or Guide – No charge
  • Lost or Damaged materials borrowed by MLS via Interlibrary Loan – The lending library sets the fee

For more detailed policy information and a list of all fines and fees, please see our Borrowing Policy and our Fee Schedule.

  • Photocopies, Black and White - $0.10 per page
  • Photocopies, Color - $0.50 per page
  • Microfiche Copies - $0.10 per page
  • Computer Printouts, Black and White - $0.10 per page
  • Computer Printouts, Color - $0.50 per page

For a list of all fines and fees, please see our Fee Schedule.

We know you value the materials and resources provided by Metropolitan Library System, but just how much are those services worth? How much would you have to pay out-of-pocket if the Library didn’t exist?

Check out the Library Value Calculator to find out.

Types of Library Accounts

Which account is right for you?

This all-access pass is free for people who live in or own property in Oklahoma City or Oklahoma County. Persons 17 and older who meet eligibility requirements may apply for an account while persons under 17 will need the consent of a parent or guardian. Certain others may qualify for this account so if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

We also offer a Library by Mail service for residents of Oklahoma County who are homebound or over 65. Contact Library by Mail at 405-606-3295 for more information and to determine eligibility.

Apply for a primary account today! The online application determines eligibility based on your home address.

The Metropolitan Library System maintains a reciprocal service agreement with the Pioneer Library System, headquartered in Norman, Oklahoma. Those who live, work, or attend school in Cleveland, McClain or Pottawatomie counties as well as Blanchard school district students living in Grady County may apply for an MLS account which offers access to our collection and most of services. MLS account holders may do the same at any Pioneer Library.

Apply for a reciprocal account today! The online application determines eligibility based on your home address. If you work or attend school in Pioneer Library System's service area, then you will need to apply for a reciprocal account in-person at one of our locations.


ONEcard is a partnership between the Metropolitan Library System and area schools. Students with in a ONEcard account can use their student IDs to access MLS resources. Students are automatically enrolled in ONEcard when they register to attend school, unless their parent or guardian opts them out. Materials checked out with a ONEcard account do not accrue overdue fines, but students are responsible for lost or damaged materials. Learn more about ONECard.

Students and school employees who do not qualify for a primary, reciprocal, or ONECard account may be eligible for a school account if their school is physically located in Oklahoma City or Oklahoma County. School accounts are valid for one year and eligibility must be verified annually. A school account provides access to all MLS services except interlibrary loan. Students must present proof of current enrollment and school employees must provide proof of employment.

If you attend or work at a school in Oklahoma City or Oklahoma County but live outside those boundaries, then you will need to apply for a school account in-person at one of our locations.

Live outside our service area? You can obtain an annual fee account for $70 per year which is less than the average taxpayer in our service area pays in property taxes that go to the Metropolitan Library System each year. Even better, each member of your household can use the account. Using our library value calculator, you can quickly see just what a bargain $70 is for your entire household.

Please visit one of our locations if you would like to apply for an Annual Fee Account.

If you are visiting one of our locations and are needing access to a computer or internet, you can request a free internet access account. This type of account allows you to log onto one of our public computers--giving you access to the internet, our online resources, as well as productivity software like Microsoft Office.

Please visit one of our locations if you would like to apply for an Internet Access Account.