Automatic Renewals

About AutoRenewal

Tired of getting overdue notices simply because life gets too busy?  We get it.  

Starting Tue., Feb. 1, library materials checked out on your account will attempt to renew automatically. This means one less thing for you to do — no need to renew your materials on your account.  This convenient service saves time, offers peace of mind and helps prevent interruptions in your library services.


AutoRenewal Frequently Asked Questions

3 days before an item is due, we will attempt to renew it. If it renews, you will not receive a notification; your due date will simply extend another 3 weeks and no additional action is necessary on your part. If it cannot be renewed, you will be notified if you are set up for email and/or text notifications. Please return the item. 


Nearly all physical items will renew automatically. Autorenewals do not apply to digital materials (OverDrive, Libby, Hoopla or Kanopy), interlibrary loans (ILLs), Experience Passes or technology (e.g., Chromebooks or hotspots). 


If you already receive email and/or text messages, you will be notified if your item could not be renewed. If you currently receive only paper notices, your materials will still go through the autorenewal process, but we will not notify you whether the autorenewal was successful. 

To see if your items renewed, you can: 

To update your notification settings and contact information online, visit After signing in with your card number and last name, visit the Account Summary section and select Opt-In & Notifications


No, all library customers are automatically enrolled in this service. 


While there is no opt out feature, you can simply return the items any time before their due date. 


Autorenewals make this unnecessary. If there are extenuating circumstances you would like to discuss with staff, you are welcome to visit or contact us. Please understand we avoid granting multiple renewals up front to ensure equitable opportunities for others to reserve and check out the material. 


Not at all. Even though we attempt to renew materials for you 3 days prior to the due date, eligible items will renew 3 weeks from the original due date. 


Autorenewals will not slow down availability of popular titles. Typically, these titles have people waiting for them. These titles like any other title with a hold will not automatically renew and will retain their original due date.

We encourage you to read these first.

If you cannot find what you are looking for on our shelves, check our catalog or ask a staff member for assistance. 


The most common reason is someone else is waiting for the item. You may also have reached the maximum allowable renewals. Some materials are ineligible for autorenewal. These include items from our digital collections (like Libby and Hoopla), Experience Passes, interlibrary loans and technology (Chromebooks and hotspots). Alternatively, something may be temporarily blocking your account. The most common causes for this are lost items, unpaid damaged items, or a request for address verification. 

Items will not automatically renew if anyone else is waiting for the material. Per the Library Borrowing Policy, the maximum allowable renewals are set at 8. The Library system actively monitors how autorenewals affect collection accessibility. The renewal limits we have set in place allow us to implement measures to ensure fair access for all.