The Almonte Library at Trinity Lutheran Church with be closed on Tues., 12/12, while the church serves as a polling place.

Special Collections & Research Department

Documenting our Past – Telling our stories

The Special Collections and Research Department supports the Metropolitan Library System and our communities through collecting, preserving, and sharing historical materials (both first-hand, primary sources and secondary works by historians) that document and explore the history and culture of Oklahoma – City, County, and State. We're always working to broaden our historical horizons and learn from new perspectives in the history that we all share. Our current collections include photographs, postcards, personal history interviews, and many other amazing resources.

If you have any questions, need help with some historical or genealogical research, or have interesting materials to donate or share, we'd love to hear about it! Contact the Special Collections & Research Department by emailing us at or by using the Contact form at the bottom of this page.

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