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Comic Arts Q&A with Jerry Bennett

Jerry Bennett is a full-time artist creating comic books, children's books, and shirt designs for licensed brands (Lucasfilm, Marvel, DC, Saban). He storyboarded for Mattel and Dreamworks and created animated book trailers for Scholastic and Lerner Children's Books. He also art directed Even in Death, an award-winning animated short, with talented students on the autism spectrum. He served as the 2018-2019 Paseo Arts/Skirvin Hilton Artist in Residence, creating and involving the community in participating in the process of comic art. Jerry is currently drawing more comics and crea...

Metropolitan Library System Partners with Dolly Parton's Imagination Library Program to Bring the Love of Reading to Children in Oklahoma County

The Metropolitan Library System is launching an exciting new program to bring the joy and pride of book ownership to children across Oklahoma County. As affiliates of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, the library is encouraging families in Oklahoma County to sign children ages 0 – 4.11 months up for this book gifting program.

Registering for the program is simple. Parents and caregivers can sign up at Each month, recipients will receive one age-appropriate, high-quality book each month to start building their own bookshelves to cultivate early...

Goodbye Overdue Fines

Our mission is "connecting our diverse communities with resources and experiences to educate and enrich lives." These past two years have shown us just how important a role the library plays in the lives of our guests and our communities. You shouldn’t have to worry about life getting in the way and preventing you from using the library. To better live out our mission, we made a big decision:

We will be fine free forever on all Metro-owned materials except technology (hotspots, Chromebooks, laptops, iPads), Experience Passes, and titles borrowed via interlibrary loa...

My Library

Essay by Aunnesty

Inside a small, simple library in the center of town, I entered the children’s area and collapsed next to a fluffy therapy dog. The other children, who were cuddling close to their dogs on colorful rugs, quietly read in peaceful voices. At five years old, I enjoyed the world of books even though I could not yet read, so I listened earnestly to my mother’s soft voice as she read to me and my dog. My love of the library had begun. Since then, the library has remained one of my favorite places to visit, and it holds a significant place in my...

The Summer Slide 

Emily Williams, Teen Services Manager and Kristin Williamson, Children’s Services Manager, Outreach and Engagement Services 


The Summer Slide isn’t a new feature at the local park or splash pad. No, the Summer Slide is what happens between school years when young people do not read or otherwise work to retain what they learned in school. 

On average, children who do not read during the summer lose approximately two months of their reading achievement. They typically score lower on standardized tests at the end of the summer than they did on the...

Why should you read aloud to your children?

Sarah Brown, Librarian, Downtown Library 


Every year, research continues to highlight how reading is a fundamental building block to learning. Literacy can impact graduation rates, earning potential, justice-involvement, and even health outcomes. The simple act of reading to your children is one of the easiest ways you can set them up for success. There are many documented benefits, but they can all fall within three categories: language, connection, and socio-emotional.  


1. Language  

Children acquire the bu...

Benefits of Reading

by Emily Williams, Teen Services Manager, Outreach and Engagement Services 


Reading is good for you. But why? Let’s dive into all the reasons why reading is important and contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Most of us recognize that reading helps us learn and grow, but have you thought about other potential benefits like improved physical health and stress relief? 

As a library employee, one of my favorite “reading is good for you” facts to share is that reading fiction improves empathy. If you’re want to broaden your horizons, understand your ...

Mental Health Resources for Mental Health Awareness Month

Resources provided by Kassy, Librarian at Northwest Library and Sheldon, Librarian in Special Collections



May is Mental Health Awareness Month and we are sharing mental health resources in our monthly podcast:


Children's Picture Books Ruby Finds a Worry by Tom Percival Alphabreaths: The ABCs of Mindful Breathing by Christopher Willard Niko Draws a Feeling by Bob Raczka Saturdays Are for Stella by Candy Wellins When Sadness Is at Your Door by Eva Eland


Teens Nonfiction The Str...

12 Ways to Get Caught Reading

by Buddy Johnson, Manager of Special Collections and Research


It is Get Caught Reading Month promoting the fun of reading for readers of all ages. We compiled our top 12 ways to get caught reading. We hope that this May you get caught too.  


# 1 

Reading while exercising is a no-brainer! Health professionals recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise a day so you're killing two birds with one stone (or choose your own less-violent proverb). Mind and body. Perfect harmony. It's simple with downloadables from yo...