You Heard it First - At Your Local Library

You Heard it First - At Your Local Library

If you enjoy reading the headlines of magazines at the supermarket checkout or are in search of an article about your great uncle twice removed, but don’t want to spend the bucks on expensive subscriptions – we have got the perfect solution. So, stop creating new email addresses to get another free 10-day subscription and visit the Metro Library online research collection instead.

The library gives you access to thousands of the most popular magazines and newspapers. You can even access them from your mobile device! Check out these eResources to get the scoop on all your areas of interest, from current and archived magazine and newspaper publications.

The Scoop on The Latest Magazine Publications

RBdigital - Download digital magazines from RBdigital using their app or read them online in your browser. These full-color, digital replicas of print magazines cover areas of interest like cooking, current events, entertainment, health and wellness, hobbies, literature, nature, sports, and more. You can also set up a "subscription" to have the latest issues of your favorite magazines sent to your email.

Top U.S. Magazines available from RBdigital:

  • Better Homes & Gardens
  • Good Housekeeping
  • Family Circle
  • Reader’s Digest
  • National Geographic (including Kids and Traveler)
  • Women’s Day
  • ESPN The Magazine
  • Cosmopolitan
  • New York Magazine
  • The New Yorker
  • And others!

The Scoop on No-Pay-Wall News Access

U.S. Major Dailies - Metro recently launched U.S. Major Dailies – a digital news resource with access to major daily newspapers including the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune. You can even browse archived editions starting from 1980. If you prefer to read it on paper, the site also allows you to print full-text articles.

America’s Newspapers – Browse local news publications from all over the U.S. including the latest full-text editions of a variety of Oklahoma newspapers. Want to see your cousin in Muskogee’s wedding announcement but there is a pay-wall? View the Muskogee Daily Phoenix on U.S. News and print it for free. One interesting functionality of this eResource is the ability to browse by subject – click on any topic such as “Business”. From there, view areas of interest within that subject area such as “Bill Gates”. Then, sort the results to fit your needs such as publication year, source and location.

The Scoop on Newspaper Access for Genealogical Information

America’s Obituaries and Death Notices – Find your loved one’s obituaries without encountering newspaper pay-walls. This is far better than using Google because you are searching obituaries exclusively and you can use the specific fields to narrow down your search without having every piece of information such as the state or exact date of death. After you have found the obituary you can print it, download a PDF, email a copy or save it to your account for later access.

Access Newspaper Archive – Access Newspaper Archive is the largest newspaper archive – spanning over 400 years of history. Using this archive, you can search a loved one’s name to find world and local news articles that mention them. To narrow your search, you can search by publication location (including state only or city and state) and use specific time frames.

America’s Historical Newspapers – This eResource, much like Access Newspaper Archive, allows you to conduct advanced searches for specific people, keywords and dates to find historical information on loved ones. If you tried Access Newspaper Archive already, give this one a try as well to see which user interface you find easiest to use.

The Oklahoman Digital Archives – this is an indispensable resource for those Oklahoma natives out there searching for genealogical information or perhaps just more information on an event that occurred in the state. The Oklahoman Digital Archives covers over 100 years of Oklahoma history.