March Madness Scavenger Hunt


March Madness

Missing March Madness? Missing the NBA? Try out this kid-friendly (adults can enjoy it too!) scavenger hunt across our databases centered around basketball.

This scavenger hunt requires you to do the questions in order, as your answers from the previous question is sometimes a clue to answer the next question.

  1. Using Britannica Library Children, search for "basketball." What is James Naismith (the inventor of basketball) holding in his picture?

  2. Using Explora for Elementary School Student Research, search for the answer you wrote down in question 1. Find the result from Highlights Magazine by Mary Peterson. What year was this article published?

  3. Using MasterFILE Premier, type in the below article title, filling in the blank with the with year you answered above in question 2:  "College Players Make Their Mark In _________NBA Draft."

    Look at the PDF Full-text. Who was the NBA Lottery Pick for the New Orleans Hornets? 
    Hint: He plays for the OKC Thunder now!

  4. Using Biography Reference Bank (H.W. Wilson) search for the player's name from question 3, what state was this player born in?

  5. Using A to Z the USA, look up he state from question 4. Under "biographies," find another famous basketball player that has deep ties to this state. What is his name?

  6. Using Novelist K-8 plus, search for the player's name from question 5. Novelist K-8 plus is a database that can help you find titles of books you might like to read. These results all have books about this particular player. How many results did you get?

  7. Now click on the first book by Judy Hasday (October 2008). What basketball player's book is featured as the first read-a-like?

  8. Click on this read-a-like book by Valerie Bodden. Scroll down to the subject headings. Write down three of the subject headings.

  9. Click on the first subject heading (it should be the player's name). You are now looking at the results with books about this particular player. What is the title of the book by Brian Howell?

  10. We have this particular book as an e-book! You can read it by going to EbscoHost and searching for the title. What is Chapter 4 called?


Download a PDF of this Scavenger Hunt