Scavenger Hunt: May the 4th


May the Fourth

Put your library Jedi skills to the test and use our databases to answer questions from across the Star Wars universe. May the Fourth be with you!

  1. A long time ago... George Lucas has said that he was influenced in the creation of Star Wars by the work of Joseph Campbell. Look in the Biography Reference Center database. The article about Campbell says that he helped people discover more about who they are by making connections between what?


  1. [Not so} far, far away... Using the Science Reference Center database, find an article titled “Not so far, far away.” What is the latitude and longitude of the real-world movie location for Hoth?


  1. Speaking of real-world movie locations, Tatooine was filmed in Tunisia. Using the CultureGrams database, find out how friends and family members typically greet each other in that country.


  1. A classic scene shows Luke Skywalker watching a double sunset from Tatooine. In the Science Online database, find an article about the discovery of a planet that circles two suns. What is the official name of the planet?


  1. Search the Wall Street Journal database to find out how much Disney paid to acquire Lucasfilm in 2012.


  1. Using the Mergent Intellect, look up Lucasfilm. What dollar amount does it list for sales for the headquarters?


  1. One of the stars of the franchise, the actress who played Princess Leia, passed away in 2016. In the database called America’s Obituaries and Death Notices, find an obituary for Carrie Fisher that appeared in the Winston-Salem Journal on December 30, 2016. What is the title of the obituary?


  1. The Star Wars franchise has made huge cultural impacts, influencing everything from music to religion to science to hobbies. In the Hobbies & Crafts database, find project instructions for a quilt inspired by X-WIng Fighters. What is the finished size of this quilt?


  1. Cultural references to Star Wars have even found their way into politics. Using the US History in Context database, what was Ronald Reagan’s program that was dubbed “Star Wars”? Find an image of Reagan at a conference marking five years of this program.


  1. Want to read more books similar to the Star Wars franchise? Go to the Novelist Plus database. From the Recommended Reads menu on the left side, choose “Science Fiction” and “Space Opera.” List two of the titles the database recommends.




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