Red Panda Scavenger Hunt


Red Pandas


The Oklahoma City Zoo has red pandas in their Sanctuary Asia exhibit. Check out this scavenger hunt using the library’s database collection to learn more about red pandas.

  1. Go to National Geographic Kids. Find a picture of a red panda. Draw a picture of a red panda.

  2. While still in National Geographic Kids, find the article “Starring….The Incredible Red Panda”.

    1. Where does the red panda live? Can you find a map that shows the area?

    2. Where does the red panda spend 90% of its time?

    3. How do they keep their balance in the treetops?

  3. Now find the article “Hope for the Red Panda.” How are giant pandas and red pandas similar and different?

  4. Using Book Collection Nonfiction: Elementary School Edition search the keywords “red panda.” What is the title of the book you found?

    1. The book states that red pandas are nocturnal. What does nocturnal mean?

    2. Can you name another animal that is nocturnal?

  5. Using Britannica Library Children search the keyword panda. Are red pandas and giant pandas related? Why or why not?

  6. The Britannica Library Children states that red pandas are endangered species. What does this mean?

  7. Search for red pandas in MasterFILE Premier. Find the August 2016 article in Ranger Rick. Besides their tails, what other “tools” do red pandas have for living in the treetops?

  8. Still using MasterFILE Premier find the article “Out On A Limb.” It lists three reasons that red pandas have become endangered. What are they?




  9. Open Culturegram World Edition. Red pandas live in Nepal. Find the country of Nepal. What mountain range is found in Nepal?

  10. Draw the flag of Nepal 

  11. What is a common greeting in Nepal?

Watch the Oklahoma City Zoo Red Panda Live Cam


Download a PDF of this Scavenger Hunt