Tiger King Scavenger Hunt


Tiger King

This scavenger hunt is based on Netflix's documentary limited series, use library resources to investigate further on the individuals featured in the documentary. 


  1. Using Ancestry.com, find Joe’s birthday (hint: his last name is Schreibvogel and his middle initial is A)

  2. Using the Oklahoman Archives, find what date Joe was found guilty in court on 19 counts (hint: year 2019). 

  3. Using Opposing View Points in Context, look up Karin Brulliard’s article about tigers, and find the name of Joe’s 400 pound tiger.

  4. The closest Walmart to the GW Exotic Zoo that Joe likely got his expired meat from to feed the tigers is in Pauls Valley, OK. Using Reference USA, look up the names of the three managers there.

  5. Using Regional News Business, find the April 3, 2013 article about Joe. In this article, he claims he is moving to _________.

  6. Using the Oklahoman Archives, find the May 2 2018 article called “Candidates Report First Quarter Filings” - how much did Joe raise in his first quarter in the gubernatorial race?

  7. In November 2019, Carole Baskin rescued three tigers from Guatemala. Find their names using Newsbank (hint: this was covered in the Tampa Bay Times)

  8. Using National Geographic Virtual Library, find the article that includes a picture of “Doc” Antle with Kody, Moksha, and China. (Bonus points if you can find out how much they charge for a picture with a tiger)

  9. Using World Religions, find out what Doc Antle’s first name “Bhagavan” means in Sanskrit.

  10. Joe Exotic has had some famous people attend and enjoy his zoo, including NBA star, Shaquille O’Neal. While Shaquille O’Neal has recently gone on record saying he is not friends with Joe Exotic and doesn’t own any tigers at his personal house, Shaq shared in 2015 he does own two rare white tigers. Using America’s News, in what city and state did Shaq say he is keeping his tigers and what is the person’s name who he said is taking care of them? (hint: the article is published in the New York Post on September 24, 2015)

  11. Rick Kirkham, the producer of Joe Exotic’s internet show, created his own documentary, TV Junkie: Faces of Addiction in 2006.  Using Newsbank: The Oklahoman, how many hours of footage did Kirkham use from his life to make the documentary? (hint: the article was published March 16, 2007)

  12. Using Mergent Intellect, find out what industry Howard Baskin worked in, and how many employees he had working for him.

  13. Using Mergent Intellect, find out how much money the GW Zoo reported in earnings last year (hint: the zoo’s full name is “THE GREATER WYNNEWOOD EXOTIC ANIMAL PARK.”)

  14. Using Newspaper Archives, look up the 1988 article in the Panama City News Herald about Mario Tabraue. What was his case named by the authorities?



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