Scavenger Hunt: Ultimate Weird but True


Ultimate Weird but True

To complete this scavenger hunt use National Geographic Kids.

Hint: They have the Ultimate Weird but True Books.


  1. How many different shapes can be made with six Lego bricks?
  1. If you have 6 Lego bricks at home, see how many different shapes you can make.
  1. Hummingbirds can consume up to 8 times their body weight in nectar each day. If you had the metabolism of a hummingbird how many hamburgers would you need to eat in a day?
  1. More than 800,000 people visit the real Stonehenge in England each year. Hundreds more visit wacky replicas built around the world. What “henges” can be found in Nebraska and New Mexico?
    1. Nebraska
    2. New Mexico
  1. Using things you have around the house, make your own clone henge. Share a picture of it and tag #mlsthehunt.
  1. Which is hotter:
    1. The temperature a sidewalk must be to fry an egg or
    2. The temperature a kernel of popcorn is when it pops?
    3. What is the temperature for each?
      • Kernel of popcorn
      • Sidewalk
  1. How far can a sloth move in a minute?
  1. See how far you can walk or run in a minute.
  1. The Chinese invented fireworks 2000 years ago. What were the first fireworks made from? Bamboo shoots stuffed with sulfur, charcoal and potassium
  1. El Reno, OK hosts the El Reno Burger Day Festival every year. During the festival they cook the world;s largest fried onion burger weighing over 750 lbs. However, they are not the only festival to cook oversized food. At a mushroom festival in Canada, they made an “eggs-treme” truffle omlette. How many eggs did it take?
  1. What did Mark Pearson use to make a near perfect replica of Iron Man’s suit?
  1. Using items you have around the house, create your own superhero costume. Share a picture of it and tag #mlsthehunt
  1. What is the fattest organ in the body?
  1. Vhoebe the Dog travels around the United States to compete in jumping events. With a running start, Vhoebe can leap ____ feet horizontally.
  1. Lay out a tape measure and see how far you can jump with a running start and from a standing start.
  1. Which is faster:
    1. A Tyrannosaurus Rex or
    2. A racehorse?
    3. How fast does each travel?
      • T-rex 
      • Racehorse
  1. How did a scientists come up with the idea for velcro?


Download a PDF of this Scavenger Hunt