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My Library

My Library

Essay by Aunnesty

Inside a small, simple library in the center of town, I entered the children’s area and collapsed next to a fluffy therapy dog. The other children, who were cuddling close to their dogs on colorful rugs, quietly read in peaceful voices. At five years old, I enjoyed the world of books even though I could not yet read, so I listened earnestly to my mother’s soft voice as she read to me and my dog. My love of the library had begun. Since then, the library has remained one of my favorite places to visit, and it holds a significant place in my heart. I loved coming because the library always had classes and games that excited me with every visit. Amazingly, my family and I have been spending time at The Village Library since my infancy, and we still love to visit when we are able. Although I enjoy every library, The Village Library will always be my favorite; it will always be my library. 

There is nothing more magical than a room filled with bookshelves, for a place brimming with stories is certainly a safe place to dwell. Although magic only exists in fiction, a spell is cast over me every time I enter my library. Being there is like being in a different universe; reality vanishes, replaced by a world full of fiction. As I set foot in my special place, the warm lights, harmonious colors, and old parchment smell always calm me, and nothing relaxes me more than resting in a cozy, quiet chair while reading a thrilling tale. My library has a myriad of reading spots to choose from, so whether in the kids area or the adult section, there are plenty of places for everybody to read comfortably. Undoubtedly, people of all ages can find comfort in a library, and because stories of all kinds are contained there, the magic and excitement of reading will never cease to exist.

When a person is looking for a spot to think, reflect, or unwind in a calm, peaceful environment, the library is often the place to visit. My library is the ideal location for studying, reading, and relaxing. Additionally, because of its captivating kids area, it is a great place to just have fun. The children’s section is filled with hands-on activities, including coloring pages, puzzles, and educational computer games, so all the children can enjoy themselves. Colorful rugs and vibrant seating fill the floor, and a fish tank with flamboyant creatures rests by the wall. Easy to reach books are stationed around the rugs and tables, creating a circle of security. Although there are plenty of spots throughout the entire library, none of them are as enjoyable as this wonderful, welcoming section. In my library, everyone, whether young or old, can relax, learn, and enjoy themselves within a safe, tranquil environment.

Unquestionably, libraries are most known for their vast quantity of books, and of course, no one is expected to buy anything, only borrow, read, and return. My library, which holds countless stories of every kind, is a utopia for booklovers. Big or small, young or old, everyone can find a book when they search the shelves. Novels of every genre, color, and size rest on the bookshelves, making a city of paper. Walking through the endless rows of books, I always feel mystified by the fact that no matter how many stories I read, there will always be more for me to devour. Whenever I am in need of new tales, my library will supply them. In my library, books are visible everywhere yyou look, and because of the warm lighting, easeful seating, and innumerable novels, this is the perfect place to read.

Although all libraries have great librarians, none can compare to Miss Sally, the children’s librarian at my library. Miss Sally, who has known me since I was a baby, is the kindest, most wonderful librarian I have ever met. From my infancy, she has watched me grow up; she has known me forever. Additionally, she has seen me become an avid reader with a love for all things books. Not only has she been nice to me, but she has also been extremely friendly to my mother. When my mother and I visited, Miss Sally was always kind, calm, and helpful. Having this amazing relationship has been a huge part in my love for the library; I will always be grateful for it. I am immensely fortunate to have a place with a trusted person I can rely on, and I will treasure this place, and Miss Sally, forever. 

Throughout my life, my library has given me entertainment, knowledge, and security; it has always been there for me. The more I grow, the more love I hold for my special place. My library has also contributed to my love of stories; it has turned me into a passionate reader and expanded my love of learning. Because of my library’s numerous books, I was capable of traveling to countless worlds that were otherwise impossible to reach. Without this wonderful place, I might never have discovered the joy of reading, and I definitely would not have read so many books. Ever since that day when I read with a dog, I have been captivated by my library. The Children Reading to Dogs program is just one of the several activities I experienced, but it is one of my first childhood memories of the library. This magical building will forever be etched in my memory as the place where my love for reading began, and to me, it will always be significant.