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Star Trek® First Contact (Astronomy in April)

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Program Description

Event Description

Calling all Trekkies and Sci Fi fans!  We will be celebrating the fictional holiday of First Contact from the Star Trek series this month.  What's First Contact day some of you ask?  First Contact was the first time that humans on Earth had open contact with Vulcans (from the planet Vulcan) on April 5, 2063.  We will have a kit with lots of crafts based on this Sci Fi universe that the whole family can create and enjoy.  Make your own Tribble Ornament, Create Kirk and Spock Origami, and paint an away team of Starfleet Peg dolls.  Did I mention that we will also have amazing vinyl stickers?  Beam me up Scotty!   

Kits are one per FAMILY. Any duplicate registrations will be deleted. Kits can be picked up at Northwest Library from Wednesday April 14th through Saturday April 21st during curbside pickup hours. Registered customers must pick up kits by Saturday 4 PM or call the library at (405) 231-8650 to make alternate pick up arrangements as any remaining kits will be made available to waitlisted customers on Sunday.

All print outs and instructions will be posted here on Sunday April 18th so that families with siblings or others who may not have had the opportunity to register can reproduce the kit at home.


We can only guarantee one kit per household and per registration (if required).

It is encouraged that an adult supervise children while using this Metropolitan Library System Take & Make Kit.