Tax Forms

Form Type
Type Form Number Form
State 511 Packet 2019 Oklahoma Resident Individual Income Tax Forms and Instructions
State 588 Oklahoma First-Time Homebuyer Savings Account
State 572 Transfer Agreement for Income Tax or Insurance Premium Tax Credit
State 2019 State Tax Table
State Packet S Application for Settlement of Tax Liability
State OW-9-MSE Annual Withholding Tax Exemption Certification For Military Spouse
State OW-8-P-SUP-I Oklahoma Annualized Income Installment Method for Individuals
State OW-8-P Worksheet for Underpayment of Estimated Tax
State OW-8-ES-SUP Annualized Estimated Tax Worksheet
State OW-8-ES Estimated Tax Declaration for Individuals
State L-21 Innocent Spouse Relief
State BT129 Oklahoma Power of Attorney Form
State A-100 Disclosure of Tax Information Authorization
State 561 NR-F Capital Gain Deduction
State 561NR Capital Gain Deduction
State 561-F Capital Gain Deduction
State 538S Sales Tax Refund
State 538H Credit for Refund of Property Taxes
State 511NR-NOL Oklahoma Net Operating Loss(es) - Nonresident/Part-Year Resident Only
State 511 NOL Oklahoma Net Operating Loss - Full Year Residents Only
State 511TX Oklahoma Credit for Tax Paid to Another State
State 511NR Form 2-D Individual Nonresident/Part-Year Income Tax Return
State 511EF Individual Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing
State 511CR Schedule for Other Credits
State 511 Form 2-D Individual Resident Income Tax Return
State 511-V Oklahoma Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher
State 599 Request for Copy of Income Tax Return
State 578 Refundable Credit for Electricity Generated by Zero-Emission Facilities
State 577 Refundable Coal Credit
State 576 Natural Disaster Tax Credit
State 574 Nonresident/Resident Allocation
State 573 Farm Income Averaging
State 569 Reporting Form for the Transfer or Allocation of a Tax Credit
State 567-A Credit for Investment in a Clean-Burning Motor Vehicle Fuel Property
State 564 Credit for Employees in the Aerospace Sector
State 561 Capital Gain Deduction
State 529 Small Business Guarantee Fee Credit
State 528 Agricultural Exclusion Information Return
State 507 Statement of Person Claiming Refund Due a Deceased Taxpayer
State 506 Investment/Jobs Credit