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Job Seekers

The Metropolitan Library System is here to assist you with navigating the job application process, learning to use a computer, or creating a resume. For assistance, email us, call us (405-231-8650), or visit your local library. Explore the following tips and resources to help you with your job search. 

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Get an Email Account

Most job applications require access to a working email account so the employer can communicate and follow up with you. Follow these tips to create an email address.

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Gather and Organize Your Information

Make applying for jobs easier by gathering important information before you begin. Use these tools to organize the information you need to complete a job application successfully.  

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Create a Resume

An effective resume showcases your work experience, education, skills, and achievements to potential employers. Use these resources to build the resume that will land you that job!

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Create a Cover Letter

Not all job applications require a cover letter, but an effective one can set you apart from the crowd. Use these resources to learn how to introduce yourself to potential employers and catch their attention.  

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Start Your Job Search

It can be hard to know where to look for a job online. These popular job search websites are a good place to start.   

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Prepare for the Interview

Congratulations, you’ve landed that interview! Now it’s time to prepare. Here are some resources to help you feel confident and present yourself in the best light possible.  

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Build Your Skills

Looking to take your career in a new direction? Use these tools to learn a new skill or improve the ones you already have. Never stop learning!

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For Teens

Are you a teen looking for your first job? These resources have the information you need to help you get hired.   

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Not sure where to begin? Career Exploration

Are you a first time job seeker, looking to re-enter the job market or switch careers? Use our career exploration tools to find the one that’s right for you!

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