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Let the Library help you get started with job-seeking resources to help you find the job or career you want!  Whether you are looking for a new job or wanting to grow in your career, with our resources, you can learn about careers, create a resume, find and apply for jobs, prepare for interviews, take practice tests, and more.

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5 Tips for the Beginning Indie Writer

by Victoria, Marketing and Communications


What’s the deal with indie publishing? What is it and why are so many writers skipping the traditional publishing route? Writers who’ve published traditionally for years have made the switch to “indie” (aka independent or self-p...

Access Magazines Anywhere on RBdigital

RBdigital is a fun and easy to use magazine resource with a diverse selection of magazines for any age user. RBdigital can be accessed from the Downloads & Streaming page on the library’s website. Here are some features of interest on RBdigital:

The app - RBdigital has an ...



Adult Learning Center

Learn foundational, career-enhancing skills by using the expert writing lab, study tools and more. The Adult Learning Center offers test preparation (including the GED and the USCIS citizenship test) and a unique academic skills center featuring live, online tutors.

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Business Source Premier

Provides the full-text of thousands of journals covering all business disciplines, including marketing, management, MIS, POM, accounting, finance, and economics. Additionally, it provides market research reports, industry reports, country reports, company profiles, and SWOT analyses.

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Business USA

A resource to help small businesses access the services they need to grow. Find resources to grow your business, learn about taxes and credits, learn about new health care changes, seek disaster assistance, and more.

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College Blue Book

The College Blue Book is a guide to thousands of 2-and 4-year schools in the U.S. and Canada with detailed descriptions, including a listing of degree programs offered, scholarships, and occupational education programs.

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Cypress Resume

Create professional resumes, cover letters and reference lists in minutes by simply entering basic information about yourself.

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Federal Student Aid

Students planning to attend college or career school can learn about and apply for grants, loans and work-study funds.

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What’s your greatest weakness? What makes you qualified for the job? What’s your greatest accomplishment? Get ready for one of the most important parts of the job seeking process.

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Job Hunting 101

It’s hard to know where to begin when looking for a new job. These books can help you get started.

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First impressions are important. Creating a great resume may be the best way to grab an employer’s attention and get your foot in the door.

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